Baking is our specialty so we leave the ice cream making to our favorite local ice cream makers. They make ice cream the way we make cakes: small batches, all-natural ingredients, no mixes, and using hormone-free dairy.

We carry a selection of 9 flavors daily that are a variety of traditional ice cream, sorbets and dairy-free options made with coconut milk. Flavors vary daily and seasonally.

In addition to ice cream we also make a variety of frozen treats including root beer floats, brownie sundaes, and affogato (scoop of ice cream with espresso).


Prince Pückler's Gourmet Ice Cream

This local favorite has been making rich, creamy ice cream for over 40 years using high quality ingredients that you can taste with every lick or spoonful. 


Coconut Bliss

Made locally, Bliss is made with coconut milk and agave syrup, so it is a delicious vegan option. We offer Coconut Bliss in two flavors.

(NOTE: We do not carry ice cream at our Petite location, since Prince Pückler's is right next door with their wonderful selection of flavors!)

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