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for dessert buffets

Dessert buffets are a wonderful way to feed your guests! Buffets can also be a great way to help keep costs manageable and still provide a sumptuous table full of tasty morsels. 

Keep in mind that when folks see a dessert buffet, they typically will grab a few things for their plate, unlike a more traditional cake-only wedding, where one slice would be standard. We recommend about 2-3 pieces per person if you're ordering small desserts like half-sized brownies, bars, petit fours, and other "finger" sized treats. If you're thinking about doing larger desserts like cupcakes or tartlets, 1-2 per person should suffice.

Brownies and Bars: These can be cut in half for smaller "bite-size" pieces. We offer different kinds of brownies, pecan chewy bars, and lemon bars.

Cupcakes: Our medium size cupcake is a standard serving, and you can order them in lots of different flavors, accommodating special dietary needs.

Cookies: Many of our cookies are very cost effective, so a few plates piled high with cookies would give guests lots of choices and you don't need utensils!

Petit Fours: These are perfect two-bite treats and are simply beautiful when lined up on a dessert table. We have different flavors available, please email with any questions!

Tartlets: These would be a lovely, indulgent buffet item, and one tartlet per person should be enough, as they are about 4" wide.

Chocolates: We make our decadent chocolates in-house, and we have a wide variety of flavors. These are small, so folks love to grab a few - you'll want to figure a couple per person.

Other Petits Sweets: We have lots of different options, such as marshmallows, soufflé tortes, peanut butter cups, and other delectable goodies, ranging in size and price.

Sheet cakes: We offer a half sheet cake, which feeds about 40-60. Our sheet cakes are layered cakes, so you can choose a delicious flavor combination reminiscent of your tiered cake if you like. Sheet cakes are an excellent way to keep costs down while feeding everybody delicious cake. 

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