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“How much does a wedding cake cost?”

Our Tiered Wedding Cakes start at $390 and include lots of "extras", such as fresh flowers, consultation, cake samples, and an almost unlimited array of designs. We can do different shaped tiers, varying sizes, and just about anything your heart desires. Tiered Wedding Cakes are priced according the size of the cake and the complexity of the design. Delivery for these cakes starts at $40 (up to ten miles from our bakery), and $3 per mile for further deliveries.  

We also have budget-friendly cakes (called Short & Sweet Cakes) that are smaller, easy to transport, and have simpler, pared-down options to keep them easily affordable. The Short & Sweet Cakes start at $160 for a two-tiered, 25-serving cake, and $240 for a three-tiered cake to serve 50.


You could also opt for a single, extra-tall 6" tier (that resembles the top tier of a  Tiered Wedding Cake) for a beautiful cutting cake, and fill in with side cakes or cupcakes or other desserts. The 6" single tiers start at $55 and will feed about 10-12, with a simple finish. Custom designed cakes start at $100.

There are lots of different options, so we suggest discussing your budget with one of our cake designers to figure out the best scenario for your event. You can also read more about the Tiered Wedding Cakes, Short & Sweet Cakes, and single tiers on our wedding cakes page. 


“When should I book the date?”

We require a 50% non-refundable deposit for any of our wedding cakes. If your wedding is in peak season (June through September), we recommend putting the deposit down 2-3 months ahead of time for Tiered Wedding Cakes, and at least 2 weeks ahead of time for the Short & Sweet Cakes.


“When do I have to pay off the balance?"

The balance is due 2 weeks prior to the event date for the Tiered Wedding Cakes, and 1 week before the event date for the Short & Sweet Cakes. Single tiers may be paid upon pickup if they are under $75, otherwise the balance is due 1 week before pickup.


“When should we have the cake set up?”

We usually set up our cakes about an hour or so before you cut into them, assuming they will be set up inside. This gives the cake a little time to come to room temperature, so it will be a little softer and more flavorful. If they sit out quite a bit longer, they can soften too much, not only risking the structural integrity, but it also makes them a bit trickier to cut and plate properly. We do not recommend setting up any cakes outside in warmer temperatures. We are happy to discuss the optimal delivery and set up time with you at your consultation, or give us a call!


“Do you stay and cut the cake?"

No, we set up the cake (and any other desserts), and leave the cutting to your caterer or reception site. We do not provide any plates or utensils, that will also fall to your caterer or reception site. We are happy to provide you with a cake cutting guide to help things go smoothly!

“Do we have to have fondant?”

Nope. We have an exceptionally smooth and satiny buttercream, and many of the designs you see with fondant finishes can be achieved with buttercream, which is usually less expensive and tastier. Please feel free to ask your wedding cake consultant about any designs you have in mind.


“I’ve heard about ordering fake cakes to keep the cost down,

is this a thing?”

We actually don’t create fake cakes for any clients, and here’s why: The amount of labor it takes to create a fake cake is actually just the same (if not more), and that is the bulk of the cost of a wedding cake. Re-using a fake cake causes dings and dents and other damage, and they simply don't look as nice as a real cake. We would have to charge the same amount for fake cakes as we would real cakes, so it’s best just to have your cake and be able to eat it too!


“Do you offer cake testing?”
We do offer consultations for Tiered Wedding Cakes, and they include a box of take-home cake samples that you order ahead of time. We will create a custom-ordered box full of cakes and fillings for you to take home after your consultation, to enjoy at your leisure, and you get to choose the flavors. We require an $80 consultation fee, payable in advance, to book the consultation. (This $80 is NOT a deposit for a wedding cake.) We credit that $80 towards the final payment of your Tiered Wedding Cake, so the consult and samples become free after your deposit is received. Please call to schedule a consultation, we ask for at least a week's notice.

We do not offer consultations with cake samples for the Short & Sweet Cakes. This is because the Short & Sweet Cakes are simple enough to order over the phone or by email. However, you can order a sample box to pick up from our patisserie for $40. Please call to order at least 3 days in advance. Sample boxes are always pre-paid, and we can take a credit card over the phone when you place the order. (We do not credit this towards the purchase of a Short & Sweet or other order.)

You are also welcome to come in and purchase slices of any of the cakes we have in our "slice case", that can be a fun way to try some of our favorite combinations without having to worry about placing a special order. We also have lots of other goodies on hand (like brownies, cookies, cupcakes, and dozens of other choices) if you're thinking about doing desserts other than cake.


“I have a photo of the cake I like, can you do this design?”
Sure, but we'd much rather design something just for you! We encourage you to send us images and ideas, and we’re happy to give you an estimate based on your photos, and we can adjust the design as needed. Please send any design questions to:, and include your name, wedding date, number of servings needed, and any other pertinent information. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 3 days.


“Do you do bridal shows?"

We actually prefer to meet with folks in person for a consultation, or even chat over the phone or via email, so that we can give our full attention. Bridal shows can be loud, crowded, and a little hectic, so we feel that this is a much better way to be able to answer any questions folks might have. Plus, when you come in for a consultation, you can see cakes on display so you get an idea of sizes and dimensions, as well as going home with a box of delicious cake!  

We welcome any other questions you have!
Please feel free to contact us at:

Thank you!

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