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Wedding and Tiered Cake Flavors

We have modified our signature cakes to be able to be used for tiered cakes:

Almond Mocha - almond cake drizzled with espresso, with cocoa whipped cream

Banana Split - banana cake with chocolate mousse, strawberry mousse, and walnuts

Bananas Foster - banana cake drizzled with rum, filled with cream cheese frosting and chocolate bits, and ganache

Berries and Cream - vanilla cake with your choice of berry mousse filling and compote

Boston Cream Pie  - vanilla cake with vanilla custard filling and ganache

Café au Lait  -vanilla cake drizzled with espresso, and espresso whipped cream

Carrot  - studded with walnuts and raisins, filled with velvety cream cheese

Chocolate Mint Fudge  - chocolate fudge cake with a hint of mint, filled with chocolate mousse and mint buttercream

Chocolate Mousse Cake - chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate mousse and ganache 

Chocolate Orgasm  - chocolate fudge cake with a hint of orange, filled with chocolate mousse, vanilla custard, and blood orange buttercream

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse  - chocolate fudge cake, peanut butter mousse, and peanut butter buttercream

Chocolate Salted Caramel Cake  - chocolate fudge cake filled with vanilla custard, drizzles of salted caramel, and caramel buttercream

Citron Mousse - lemon cake filled with whipped cream and your choice of lemon, key lime, or passionfruit curd

Cloud 9  - chocolate fudge cake layered with vanilla whipped cream. Try a variation with flavored whipped cream: blood orange, caramel, coconut, espresso, hazelnut, mint, raspberry or strawberry 

German Chocolate  - chocolate fudge cake, and coconut pecan filling and ganache 

Hazelnut Milk Chocolate  - hazelnut cake filled with hazelnut milk chocolate mousse, chocolate buttercream and toasted hazelnuts

Neapolitan - vanilla cake filled with chocolate and strawberry mousse

Orange Strawberry Passionfruit - orange cake filled with strawberry mousse and passionfruit curd

Pistachio Raspberry Rose - pistachio cake with raspberry mousse filling, rose buttercream, and sprinkled with chopped pistachios.

Raspberry Lemon Poppy Seed - lemon poppy seed cake filled with lemon mousse and raspberry compote

Red Velvet - with cream cheese filling

Rhapsody - chocolate fudge cake with a hint of raspberry, filled with chocolate mousse and raspberry compote

Strawberry Champagne - vanilla cake drizzled with champagne syrup and filled with strawberry mousse

Toasted Coconut Lime - toasted coconut cake, lime curd filling and coconut custard 

Triple Chocolate Obsession - chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate mousse, white and dark chocolate bits, and chocolate ganache

Turtle  - chocolate fudge cake filled with chocolate mousse, ganache, and toasted pecans with caramel

  indicates egg-free/dairy-free optional
  indicates gluten-free optional


Please note - we cannot do chiffons or sponges for tiered cakes. Signature cakes have been modified for tiered cakes.

Finish with a frosting

Wedding Buttercream a smooth, satin finish, lightly sweetened with white chocolate
EDF Vanilla Buttercream a buttercream without eggs or dairy
Chocolate Ganache a decadent dark chocolate frosting
Chocolate Buttercream a lighter milk chocolate frosting
Fondant a hand-rolled frosting that gives a matte finish

indicates egg-free/dairy-free optional
indicates gluten-free optional



You can choose 4 different signature cakes. If you need anything egg-free, dairy-free, or gluten-free, just look for the symbols above. Or give us a call for recommendations!


If you aren't ordering a Custom Tiered Cake, you are still wecome to order a sample box that will be available for pickup at our Monroe Street location. They are $35, paid in advance (you'll want to call us to place your order), and it's a great way to try lots of combinations right in the comfort of your own home. ($3 charge for each GF cake option.)

* Sample boxes are included with the price of a Custom Tiered Cake, but not with the Short & Sweet, or any other cake. Please call with any questions, or to order.