for weddings & special events


Custom Tiered Cakes start at $300, with the final price depending on the size and complexity of the design. These cakes come with all the "extras", such as:

- Consultation

- Box of take-home cake samples

- Fresh flowers 

- Tall elegant tiers including custom shapes and sizes

- Custom design to suit your needs.  


Delivery & set-up starts at $25 for the first five miles, and $2 per mile for each additional mile.  (We do not stay to cut & serve, that will be done by your caterer or venue.) 


Prices vary depending on the complexity of the design. We are happy to create custom, personal designs that reflect the look and feel of your wedding!

To schedule your consultation, please give us a call. There is a $50 fee, paid in advance, to secure the consultation.  At the consultation, you'll get to sit down with one of our cake designers to discuss the details and different options for your event.  You'll be given your cake samples (that you've ordered with your choices) to take home and eat at your leisure. When you put down your deposit on the Custom Tiered Cake, we take that $50 right off of the balance, making your consultation and samples free.

To secure the date for a Custom Tiered Cake, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit. The balance is due two weeks before the event date. We recommend securing the date at least 2 months in advance.

Black and silver anemone cake
Half naked cake with flowers
winter wonderland
gold sparkle tiered cake
kilmt kiss
birch with flowers
stained glass orchids
Rustic with olive leaves & lavender
Cream and rose gold
Black with gold hearts
hex cake with silhouettes
Koi fish
Topsy turvy cake
Pearls and cascade


Short & Sweet Cakes are great for any special event, not just weddings! These cakes are perfect for those folks that don't need all the "extras". There are 2 sizes:

- 25 serving cake (2 tiers) starts at $110

- 50 serving cake (3 tiers) starts at $175


These cakes are decorated with simple but lovely designs, and do not come with fresh flowers, tall tiers, or consultations. 

Additional designs may incur extra costs. You are welcome to send us any images you like, we'll let you know that design can be done as a Short & Sweet and what the cost would be. 


We do offer limited delivery (drop-off) within 10 miles for an additional $32, contingent on our schedule.  


You can order a sample box for an additional $35. Please call to order with at least two days' notice. 

To order a Short & Sweet cake, please give us a call       at least one week in advance. We require a 50%        non-refundable deposit to secure the date, with the balance due one week before the pick-up date.

Feel free to email any questions:

baby shower cake
pink princess cake
fairy themed cake
birch bark
racy 50th
pink polka dot mouse cake
legos and flames
ocean mermaid
Parisian theme
art deco cake
finding noah
baseball cake
baby shower lion cake
ice cream cone cake
nautical cake


Just looking for a small "cutting" cake, or something special without being too big?

We also offer a 6" extra-tall cake, which is a perfect single tier size and serves about 10-12. It starts at $40, but may go up depending on the design.


These cakes have three layers of filling inside, so they are tall and elegant, just like the top tier of a Custom Tiered wedding cake. You can then order side cakes, cupcakes, or other desserts to fill in any additional servings if needed.

Please email us with your design ideas or photos, and we would be happy to give you a quote.


You can order a sample box with four of our signature cakes! We ask for at least two days' notice, and payment in advance.

The cost is $35, or $47 for a gluten-free version.

Please call us:


eclipse cake
simple dogwood flowers
simple chocolate cake
samoan custom tier
plum, chocolate and gold
lego reveal
lilac with stencil and flowers
black and white with gold crown
circus tent

We are happy to give you a price quote on a custom design.  Please email us with the following information:
*Date you need the cake
*How many servings you need
*Describe the design (you can include photos, sketches, or other images)
*If you have a budget or other parameters (such as dietary needs)
We will get back to you within 2 days with a quote.  We ask for at least
one week's notice for custom designs, (although our tiered cakes may require more notice) so please make sure to give us enough time. Custom designs are always paid in advance.
EMAIL: info@sweetlifedesserts.com