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Petits Sweets


Baklava with almonds



Cannoli pistachio orange chocolate

Caramel Corn  bacon -or- hazelnut

Caramel Nut Bread Pudding

Chocolate Bars assorted flavors

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Soufflé Torte

Chocolates flavors change daily

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries   (seasonal, Feb - Sep; can be special ordered by the dozen)

$3.25 ea, $35.10 doz

$2.25 ea,  $24 doz

$2.25 ea, $24 doz     

$3.95 ea, $42.75 doz

$5.50 ea

$3.75 ea, $40.50 doz

$5.50 ea

$4.25 ea, $46 doz

$3.95 ea, $42.75 doz

$1.60 ea, $17.50 doz

$2.50 ea, $27 doz

Cookies (standard)

     chocolate chip

     shortbread rounds

     oatmeal varieties

     coconut macaroon 


     ginger molasses

     peanut butter chocolate chip

$1.85 ea, $20 doz


Cookies (specialty)

     pumpkin cookies

     chocolate dipped coconut macaroons 

     fancy frosted shortbread (varieties change daily)

     chocolate caramel shortbread


$2.25 ea, $24 doz

$2.25 ea, $24 doz 

$2.25 - $5.00 ea

$3.50 ea, $37.80 doz

Cream Puff

Crème Brûlée   with organic vanilla bean

Cupcakes flavors change daily, please see "cupcakespage for more information

$4.25 ea, $46 doz

$3.75 ea, $40.50 doz

$2.50 ea, $27 doz


Josephine a crispy pastry shell with custard and berry sauce

Key Lime Tartlet

Lemon Bars

Marshmallows  assorted flavors, contains gelatin

Meringues  assorted flavors

$4.25 ea, $46 doz

$4.25 ea, $46 doz

$4.95 ea, $53.50 doz

$2.25 ea, $24 doz

$.35 ea, $3.50bag (9)

$.75 ea, $8 doz

Nipples of Venus with rum and chocolate

$2.65 ea, $28.60 doz

Peanut Butter Cup  

$2.25 ea, $24 doz

Pecan Chewies

$2.25 ea, $24 doz

Petit Cheesecake

$4.50 ea, $48.60 doz

Petits Fours assorted flavors

$2.25 ea, $24 doz

Petits Four Critters assorted flavors

$2.75 ea, $30 doz

Turtle Shells

Whoopie Pies flavors vary monthly 

$2.75 ea, $30 doz

$3.50 ea, $37.80 doz

 egg- and dairy-free optional
 gluten-free optional


We offer limited delivery for $16, between 9 am and 2 pm, 7 days a week, only in Eugene, within five miles of our bakery. ($20 minimum order not including the delivery fee.) Advanced notice is appreciated as we cannot always accommodate last minute requests. Deliveries are always paid ahead of time.


A limited menu of our items for delivery can be found online at the Hungry Ducks website (