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Holiday Treats

The holidays evoke sweet memories for us at Sweet Life. Many occasions in our lives involve some tradition around food, and December is the sweetest of all. Some desserts have stood the test of time, such as our Apricot Brandy Poundcake (thanks Aunt Jean), and Pizzelles (thanks Grandma Porreca).  Others have been consigned to the "old recipes" file such as Springerle, Mincemeat Pie and Stollen, desserts that customers didn't buy or we tired of making.  Every year we try to create a few new treats that will make the holiday festivities that much sweeter. Whether the holidays bring  a lively cocktail party with Petits Fours and Sugarplums, or sneaking a bit of fudge while the kids aren't looking, we have a sweet  to enrich your holiday memory.

Light is a theme throughout the dark winter months and this dessert lightens your meal in more ways than one. The Bûche de Noël is a featherlight flourless chocolate cake rolled around whipped cream and finished with our chocolate buttercream. Simple and beautiful, it represents the yule log that burns in the hearth on Solstice or Christmas.  We decorate ours with meringue mushrooms, white chocolate oak leaves and an impish elf. Each log will provide 8-10 generous servings.


















Fruitcake's reputation precedes it.  At best, it is regifted at a white elephant party and at  worst, used as a doorstop.  We're here to say that Fruitcake does not deserve such infamy! When lovingly made with quality ingredients, it can be a rich dessert redolent of holiday spices. Ours is made with 10 different dried fruits and nuts, then aged with a generous dose of bourbon. We offer it in a 1 lb loaf. 













We make an assortment of delicious loaf poundcakes, perfect as a last minute holiday gift.  Throughout December, we rotate Apricot Brandy, Orange Cranberry Brandy, and Eggnog flavors. We offer Pumpkin Cranberry Walnut and Gingerbread flavors as gluten, egg- and dairy-free optional. 


Sugarplums dance in our heads and mouths. They are dainty litte fruit and nut confections rolled in sugar, and they are free of eggs, dairy, gluten, soy and corn.

Feeling the chill of winter. Cozy up to a fire with our Guittard Sipping chocolate and some house made marshmallows.

We make two kinds of toffee: Salted Cocoa Nib and Almond Toffee dipped in dark chocolate is a customer favorite. We make ours with butter, sugar and bittersweet Guittard dark chocolate. 











Peppermint Crisp Bark is a classic that is ubiquitous during the holidays. We lighten ours with crisped rice and layers of dark bittersweet and creamy white chocolate.

Fancy Shortbread Cookies are hand decorated by Merredith and Jen. We start with an all-butter shortbread, hand-cut it into holiday shapes, and finish with premium white chocolate from Guittard. Each one is unique and delicious. 


Our Pizzelles, crispy Italian waffle cookies, are made from our Grandma Porreca's original recipe.
This year we're introducing Orange Vanilla Pizzelles as well a gluten-free version. 

Of course, Christmas would not be the same without Gingerbread People running around. We have  small, undecorated gluten-egg and dairy-free gingerbread kids and Large decorated regular gingerbread Peeps!

Our Fudge is hand crafted by Merredith, who makes so many of the sweet beautiful treats for the holidays.  We offer Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Salted Caramel and an egg- and dairy-free Chocolate. All our Fudge is gluten-free!

We also have little tins of Sweet Snacks. A perfect hostess present, or just a great snack to get you through the holiday shopping. 


Merredith also makes our beautiful Petits Fours, dainty little cakes with layers of cake, filling and frosting. We carry an assortment of 6 different and delicious flavors. They will dress up any dessert tray for the holidays.

And then there's Grandma... Always willing to quality control the treats!

Here's a complete guide of our holiday treats!


Give us a call to special order desserts at 541-683-5676 or pop in for a last minute treat!

Happy Holidays!